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(Kay the paint Lady): Through this program, children and youth will build and strengthen their motor and creative skills, explore and express their ideas, and learn about life themes through the medium of art. Each session will explore new painting techniques and cultivate socioemotional development through creative self-expression, peer-to-peer sharing, and exploration of life topics including: identity, culture, development, growth, dreams/aspirations, and community. With a focus on BIPOC cultures, this program will explore and celebrate the history, heritage, and traditions of BIPOC art. Youth will not only strengthen their connection to their cultural origins, but also explore and define a positive sense of self through creative self-expression. Connecting art to social justice, this program will also explore the historical and current relationships between art and resistance, community-building, and change-making. Encouraging youth to find their voice and power, Kay the Paint Lady will hold space for youth to disrupt mainstream narratives, redefine the possibilities for freedom and justice, and imagine a world where they are seen, valued, and worthy.

 (Child to Chef):  Children and youth will learn about food, health, and how to prepare meals. Age-appropriate classes will celebrate BIPOC cultures and history in our menus, recipes, food preparation rituals – with the ultimate aim of increasing the connection between participants and the food that they eat, their health, and broader themes of food sovereignty and health justice. Additionally, children and youth will learn about sanitary and safety practices and guidelines for preparing, cooking, and storing foods of all types. Through this multi-dimensioned programming, Child to Chef will learn about food apartheid, movements of food sovereignty and health justice, and the power of growing our own foods. With food being a central part of BIPOC cultures, this program will be a space for building community, sharing stories, and exchanging cultural knowledge. 


Both programs will be led by Black/African-American instructors who share identity/lived experiences with our focus community. Through this approach, our programs will invite and cultivate multi-generational sharing of knowledge, ideas, and stories and foster critical mentorship opportunities for BIPOC and lower-income youth. 


Programs will offer youth stipends as incentives and compensation to youth for their participation in programming.


Additionally, programs will provide transportation assistance to our surrounding schools to ensure barrier-free access to our programs.

Program Closure Dates is based off theSeattle Public School, And every last Friday of each month. 


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