Covid-19 Information

Updated Health & Safety: A 4 Apple Learning Center is trusted by many families on the front lines of COVID-19 to care for their children. A 4 Apple has been taking measures to ensure that all children entering the Learning Center meets the requirements of entry.

When you arrive, staff will greet each family outside and take your child’s temperature. Followed by asking a series of health questions to evaluate the possibility of illness in the household. Afterwards, a staff member will walk with your child to their classroom and to the designated hand washing sink in order to wash your child’s hands.

The staff are wearing their mask or face coverings at all times. We know physical distancing is really important in Health and Safety that’s why each class operates like a self contained unit. The children stay with the same group and teachers all day long. In addition, only one class will use the outdoor space at a time. The three step cleaning method: clean, rinse, sanitize, is used after every class is done in the outdoor space.

When families arrive for pick up at the end of the day your child will be brought to you in the lobby. Each one of these safety measures are in line with what experts say is best. We are happy that A 4 Apple are taking all of these measures to ensure the Health and Safety of everyone